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Daizenshuu 6 states M10 SSJ Broly > Boo Saga SSJ Goku, so LSSJ Broly > SSJ2 Goku unless you have SSJ2 multiplier > LSSJ multiplier. Click to expand... I do have the SSjin 2 multiplier greater than the LSSjin one but still, I prefer to use evidence and common sense over contradictive guidebooks..

Feb 10, 2012 · Lssj = Ssj x 5 (this is a guesstimation as I actually have never thought about it before) Ssj2 = Ssj x 4 or 200 x base. Ssj3 = Ssj2 x 2 or 400 x base. Ssj4 = ssj3 x 10 or 4,000 x base. I use the ... Apr 27, 2022 · The Daizenshuu says that SSJ3 is 4x multiplier for SSJ2, just like how it is the source for SSJ being 50x base, so if SSJ's multiplier is confirmed due to being consistent, then why not SSJ3's multiplier for being consistent. Basically reading this forum a bit ive read a few things here and some of it just doesn't really make sense. Now ive h

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I use a 4x SSJ2 multiplier but this explanation still works regardless of the multiplier you use. Nah, Vegeta was controlled by Babidi and was a Majin, they are the ones who take the energy, they ...SSJG Vegeta (DBS Broly) vs. SSJ Kefla (ToP). So both 3-A. but they can access to their Low 2-C forms so SSJB and SSJ2 are allowed. No SSJBE homever because Vegeta didn't use it in the Movie and it would turn the match unfair. Fight is in Planet Salad. Vegeta: 1 (CryoTheMayo, Kefla: 3...They can actually increase depending on the Saiyan's emotional state or the mastery they have over this form as we saw with SSJ2 Future Trunks in the manga. Vegeta's anger led him to increase his SSj2 multiplier to surpass SSj3 Goku's and Trunks trained the SSJ2 to be comparable to Post-Res F Goku's Super Saiyan 3 without a further transformation.

The Daizenshuu says that SSJ3 is 4x multiplier for SSJ2, just like how it is the source for SSJ being 50x base, so if SSJ's multiplier is confirmed due to being consistent, then why not SSJ3's multiplier for being consistent.That's what I've always thought, though some people really don't like the idea of Grade 3 having the same raw power as SSJ2. I also personally think Grade 2 and Grade 3 are each essentially two transformations stacked, Super Saiyan and the kind of buff form that we see Frieza, Roshi, and even Cell use (I'm of the opinion that this latter transformation is something that pretty much any martial ...Mastered SSJ: At most twice that of SSJ SSJ2: twice that of Mastered SSJ SSJ3: four times that of SSJ2 (My logic for these multipliers is that a SSJ Grade 2 Vegeta I would say is probably .25x stronger than standard SSJ, and Mastered SSJ is much more powerful, if that's the case, then that would put Mastered SSJ very close to SSJ2, so I like ...TRUE Form Multipliers. Sign in to edit View history Talk (0) Full Power = 5x Contents. 1 Goku; 2 Broly ... SSJ2 - 100x SSJ4 - 1,000x SSJG - 20,000x SSJB - 100,000x

Ya Boi King Kai · 7/14/2020. Kale was around the same multiplier as Super Saiyan 2 when she was controling her LSSJ form. This would put LSSJ at a 100X multiplier if mastered Super Saiyan is 50X. If Broly added his great ape multiplier to it, it would be 1000X. 2000X if we high ball LSSJ to the point between SSJ2 and 3.It depends if you seriously believe SPC was way weaker than 50% SSJ2 Gohan's strength (I know most people in this board do). If you believe in that, then Gohan's SSJ2 multiplier must have been crazily massive. Like x5, x6 or something. I repeat, that's only if you seriously believe SPC was way weaker than Gohan's 50%. OmniAlgusX (Topic Creator ... SSjBEvo is already around 20x SSjB which makes it stronger than hypothetical SSjGSS3 which would be 8-16x SSjB depending on your SSj2 multiplier being 2-4x SSj. They just want sell more figures. ….

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Goku has many, many forms, and many would wonder what the multiplier for each one of them would be. Let's get started. Kaioken: 2–20x. SSJ1: 50x. SSJ2: 100x or you could just say 2x SSJ1. SSJ3: 400x, 4x SSJ2. SSG: Unknown, but it should be at least 20k times lowballed. The first God form Goku has achieved. SEG puts SSJ2 multiplier at 2x. So Gohan got a boost in addition to what he get with just SSJ2 transformation, name it whatever you want but it has to be present to satisfy all conditions.Yes, Future Trunks and Vegeta's SSJ2 multipliers are respectively shown way higher than Goku's own SSJ2 multiplier during the DBS Manga Zamasu arc. Pretty sure Vegeta was simply just stronger than Goku Black. As for Trunks SSJ2, he increased the multiplier for SSJ2, but it's never explained how that was even possible.

Pretty much everything consistent says Grade 4 = 1. There should be _no one_ here saying Grade 4 > Grade 1 Literally evin: Combat Mechanic, Dragon Block C, Dragon Block Combat Mechanic, Dragon Block Movement Mechanic.Awakened Garou SSJ1 Multiplier, Fully transformed garou SSJ2 Multiplier Ability to spam multi-continental blasts and beams 12.5 trillion clones who can combine and give them a 12.5 trillion times multiplier (probably much smaller but still a big big multiplier considering the fact darkshine managed to barely survive Golden Sperm's casual punch.

what does influence Saiyans are one of the fourteen playable races in Dragon Ball Online Generations. Saiyans resemble Humans; however, Saiyans come with bushy brown tails (しっぽ, shippo), resembling those of monkeys, that hang loose behind them. The tails can be removed in customization though. Like Humans, Saiyans have varying eye color, hair color, and skin … i want to apply for a grantpatrick dorsey re: SSj2 & SSj3 Multipliers I find the "Kaioshin's an idiot" approach to work particularly well there. In fact, it works particularly well for a wide range of things in the Majin Boo arc. tic tac toe poki 1,631. May 23, 2023. #1. Super Saiyan God Multipler. It was accepted here that Super Saiyan Grade 3 is 10x SSJ meaning we now have a SSJ2 multiplier to scale. With SSJ2 having a multiplier SSJ3 would by default scale above that said multiplier meaning: SSJ: 50. SSJ2 - SSJ3: 500x. Super Saiyan God = 500x SSJ3.Honestly I don’t think so, pre ssj2 multiplier Cell was still far above Gohan and Goku. If Cell had achieved ssj2, he’d maintain his advantage over Gohan, especially after Gohan got his power halved by Cell’s blast. A more likely explanation is that Cell has reached Gohan’s level, not transformation. Especially since ssj1’s start ... tanner newkirkmichael kors rhea zip medium slim backpacknew orleans final four Stats Multipliers. Each race has their own stats multipliers. The actual output of a field depends on the racial multiplier and level of a player. A level 1 player has an output of 1 for every stat field and gains a 0.01 output for Health, Physical and Ki Damage along with a 0.00175 output for Agility and Ki Control per level no matter the race ... m dellien tennis 4000 (ss3 multiplier) x (weakness between the boys and goku) divided by 50 or 4000x (difference)/50 = fusion dance multiplier. From there, you can calculate the multipliers for a fused ss2 or ss3 ... who won ku game todayku football shirtshermes and the infant dionysos Sep 2, 2019 · What is SS4’s Multiplier. In GT we know SS4 is the mastery of Golden Great Ape which is either X50 of Great ape so X500. We know. Super Baby 2 = X400 multipler of his base since thats his equivalent of SS3 (It was stated) then he when Great Ape in that Form so 4000X. SS Baby (X50) < SS3 GT Goku (400)< Super baby 2 (X400)< SS4 Goku (?)< Golden ... I'd say at most, the multiplier would be 60,000x Ssj3, because it kinda makes more sense. The multiplier isn't too big, but it's not too small either. And this in turn would give base goku a ...